25, teacher, history student, Catholic convert, northwesterner, nerd. I like: The X-Files, 30 Rock, Mad Men, Spaced, Arrested Development, medieval history, art and iconography, sacred architecture, children's literature, Catholic novels, and all kinds of books.

Moved into apt today, two hours in 108 phoenix heat, literally dead

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“A quarter of the U.S. population — and 40 percent of the population of New York, where my novel is set — self-identify as Catholic. One of the most striking features of the city is that there are churches everywhere, from one of the world’s largest cathedrals to hundreds of storefront churches. And a bit of investigation will reveal that those churches fill up every Sunday. Not to mention the fact that there are more Jews in New York than in any other city in the world. But for some reason the publishing industry in this city tends to view the introduction of religion into contemporary realist novels as a willful act that must have some strong rhetorical justification. From where I stand, the exclusion of religion is the willful act. Novelists never get asked why they don’t include religion in their books, or why the religion they do include — often just a species of madness — bears so little resemblance to religion as it is practiced by the majority of Americans. If they were asked, I suspect, most of these writers would not have a very good answer. It simply doesn’t occur to them. Whatever one’s beliefs, this seems like a basic failure of verisimilitude. Reality includes religion; realism should, too.”

Christopher Beha being interviewed by Harpers about his new novel Arts and Entertainments.  (via unapologetic-book)
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Crucifix in a side chapel, Santa Prassede.

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Crucifix in a side chapel, Santa Prassede.

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I’m pretty sure Mulder and Scully invented the OTP.

They are so tender and sweet to one another and clearly love one another and are best friends and it’s only halfway through season 3 and I just want them to be happy together forever with Scully performing suspicious…

Quick someone find where DD is filming bc I’m passing thru LA and this could be my big break


No concept of personal space.

The X Files Season Three GifFest                 
The X Files -
3x06- '2Shy'

to explain No Personal Space my sister and I used to say knowingly to each other “they needed to fit in the frame, it’s a very tight frame”

also apparently david needed to remind gillian of her mark on a frequent basis

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Pauline Baynes (x)

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